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Programming and Software Development

Data Science

Other qualifications

  • Projects:
  • In this project, we have created a GUI Java (Swing) Application for a Zoo Management System.

  • In this project, we have created a GUI Java (Swing) Application that simulates a trading day of a simplified model of a stock market.

  • This Application was developed using Python-Django Web framework

  • This Application was developed using:

  • Back-end: Node.js (Express) (TypeScript)

  • Front-end: React (TypeScript)

  • Projects:

  • This is the link to a Web Application that has been created to easily interact with the Machine Learning Models created. It allows us to determine if a News Article is Fake or Reliable by entering the text into an input field. The input text will be processed by the Machine Learning Models at the back-end and the result will be sent back to the client. This Web App was created using Shiny, an R package that can be used to build interactive web apps straight from R.

  • This is the link to a Github repository that contains a R Library we have created to package the Machine Learning Models built. This package contains essentially three functions: modelNB(), modelSVM() and modelXGBoost(). These functions take a news article as argument and, using the Models created, return the authenticity tag («fake (1)» or «reliable (0)»)