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  Adelo Vieira,  Data Scientist

47-A Phibsborough Rd, Dublin, Ireland

  +353 852 40 72 08


 My Wiki         Download a pdf version of my CV

BSc. (Hons) in Information Technology. I'm also a Geophysical Engineer and MSc in Petroleum Geoscience with strong mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical skills. I'm currently particularly interested in Data Analytics and Software Development.

Proficient in multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and R. I have a huge interest in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I've been recently working in areas such as Text classification and Sentiment Analysis. I have solid knowledge in several ML algorithms (Naive Bayes, Decision Trees, K-Nearest Neighbour) and in Time Series Analysis. I have experience working with Python (Pandas, NLPTK, Scikit-learn, SciPy, Plotly, TextBlob, Vader Sentiment), R, and RapidMiner.

Solid academic experience in Object-oriented programming and Web Development. I have developed several projects using Java, React, Node.js (Express.js), and Dash.

I also have advanced experience with the most popular flavors of Linux (including Shell Scripting) and excellent academic experience in Relational database (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and cloud computing (AWS and Google Cloud).

Work experience



IDG Direct, Ireland

Business Development Executive

  • This is a pre-sales role. I represent IDG services by making professional outgoing calls to prospective clients. I have to establish and maintain a professional conversation with IT Managers to identify their needs and next investments. The gathered information is required from our clients (Largest Tech Companies) and used in the next step of the sales process.

  • My responsibilities include: Lead Generations, Gathering client details and Maintaining/Updating IDG database with accurate client details.
  • I work in different markets and contact clients in French, English and Spanish: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Middle East and Africa.
  • In this position, I have improved my communication skills in French and English. I have learned how to build and maintain a professional relationship with clients and improved my Active Listening Skills.
  • At IDG, I have completed a Certified Sales training. This course addressed the most important aspects of the sales process.


WikiVox, France

Web Programmer

  • I was responsible for the installation and administration of a Wiki Web Application based on the MediaWiki engine.

  • Extensive experience with the MediaWiki Engine:
  • Configuration of a Multilingual Wiki.
  • User access levels configuration.
  • Implementation of different CAPTCHA methods.
  • Implementation of a payment gateway.
  • Page categorization.
  • Take a look at my personal Wiki: http://wiki.sinfronteras.ws
  • Administration of a Linux Server:
  • Installation and configuration of a LAMP stack: Apache, MySQL, PHP.
  • Database management:
  • MySQL, PhpMyAdmin.



Simón Bolívar University - Funindes USB, Venezuela

Research geophysicist of the Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (GRyDs)

Click here to see some examples of my work in Seismic modelling.

  • As a Research Geophysicist, I was responsible for performing a set of signal analysis (seismic processing) tasks and ensuring the correct integration and implementation of geophysical applications into a computer cluster platform. This platform was being designed in order to facilitate task scheduling and run computation-intensive tasks on clusters. One of my main activities was shell script programming for Seismic Modeling and Processing.

  • My responsibilities include:
  • Shell script / MATLAB programming for signal analysis (seismic data processing and modeling).
  • Simulations of seismic waves propagation: Wavefront and ray tracing.
  • Generation of pre-stacked synthetic seismic data using wave propagation theories (raytracing and finite difference methods).
  • 2D/3D Seismic data processing:
  • Deconvolution
  • Auto-correlation, Cross-correlation
  • Analysis of signal noise reduction: time/frequency domain transforms
  • Task automation using Shell scripting.



CGGVeritas, Venezuela

Seismic data processing analyst

  • Demultiplexing, Reformatting (SEG -Y/SEG -D).
  • Seismic data edition: Searchin for noisy, monofrequency and incorrect polarities traces.
  • Geometrical spreading correction. Set-up of field geometry.
  • Geometry QC.
  • Application of field statics corrections, Deconvolution, trace balancing.
  • CMP sorting, Velocity analysis, Residual statics corrections.
  • NMO Correction, Muting, Stacking, Filtering.
  • Filtering: Time-variant, band-pass.
  • Post-stack/Pre-stack time and depth migration.



Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela

Academic Assistant - Earth Sciences Department

  • As a Academic Assistant, I was in charge of collaborating with the lecture by teaching some modules of the Geophysical Engineering program at Simón Bolívar University. I was usually in charge of a group between 20 and 30 students during theoretical and practical activities.

  • This experience has contributed to my professional development in two major areas:
  • By teaching modules, I have solidified many technical geophysical knowledge.
  • I have also developed communication and presentation skills, as well as the leadership strategies needed to manage a group of students and to transfer knowledge effectively.

  • Courses taught:
  • Seismic data processing: Concepts of discrete signal analysis, sampling, aliasing and discrete Fourier transform. Conventional seismic data processing sequence.
  • Seismic methods: The convolutional model of the seismic trace. Propagation and attenuation of seismic waves. Interpretation of seismic sections.
  • Seismic reservoir characterization: Relations between the acoustic impedance and the petrophysical parameters. Well-Seismic Ties. Seismic inversion and AVO.



  • Project: Evaluating the Performance of Lexicon-based and Machine Learning Sentiment Analysis for Amazon reviews classification.


College of Computing Technology (CCT), Ireland

Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Honours) in Information Technology

  • Final year project: Developing a Web Dashboard for analyzing Amazon's Laptop sales data.
To know more about this project, visit Developing a Web Dashboard for analyzing Amazon's Laptop sales data


College of Computing Technology (CCT), Ireland

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Technology

  • Final year project: Supervised Machine Learning Models for Fake News Detection.
To know more about this project, visit Supervised_Machine_Learning_for_Fake_News_Detection


Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France

Master – Complementary computer studies

  • Specialty: Distributed information systems and networks.
  • Final year study project: Design and Administration of a Wiki Web Application.


Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela

MSc in Earth sciences

  • Specialty: Applied Petroleum Geoscience.
  • Master thesis project (Excellence Honor Mention): Study of Pull up/Push down effects through seismic modelling, colombian plains.


Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela

Geophysical Engineer

  • Bachelor thesis project: Basic modelling of pre-stacked seismic data and its corresponding processing sequence, using Seismic Unix package.

Geophysics is a discipline that uses different areas of knowledge, such as physics, mathematics, and geology to study the internal constitution and history of the Earth.

The Geophysical engineering career at Simón Bolívar University is based on:

  • A training in seismic exploration methods (acquisition, processing, inversion, and interpretation) and its direct application to the oil industry.
  • The program also includes a basic training in gravimetric, magnetic and electrical exploration methods
  • Some courses in geology.

But the career is oriented towards oil exploration because Venezuela is an oil-producing country.

La Ingeniería Geofísica aplica distintas áreas del conocimiento tales como la Física, las Matemáticas y la Geología, al estudio de la constitución interna e historia de la Tierra.

La formación del Ingeniero Geofísico en la Universidad Simón Bolívar se cimenta en:

  • Una preparación en métodos de exploración sísmica (adquisición, procesamiento, inversión e interpretación) y sus aplicaciones directas a la industria petrolera.
  • Una preparación básica en métodos de exploración gravimétrica, magnética, y eléctrica
  • Una cadena de cursos en Geología que sirven al futuro ingeniero en sus labores de interprete y geointegrador.

Ejemplos de aplicaciones de la Ingeniería Geofísica:

  • En la exploración petrolera, los métodos de prospección sísmica permiten detectar las trampas que sirven de receptáculos a los hidrocarburos a profundidades que por otras vías sería imposible determinar.
  • En la exploración minera los métodos gravimétricos y magnéticos permiten la evaluación del suelo y del subsuelo con el fin de ubicar y/o descubrir, ampliar y redefinir yacimientos minerales que no son visibles en superficie, además de que por estas mismas vías es posible establecer zonas de recursos minerales económicamente explotables.
  • En la Ingeniería Civil la Geofísica permite estudiar las condiciones del subsuelo para el emplazamiento de obras de envergadura (presas, viaductos, edificios, carreteras etc.) y en la Agronomía permite definir posibles acuíferos utilizables ya sea para riego o para consumo humano.

No existe traducción en francés

Skills and Qualifications

Programming and Software Development

Data Science

Other qualifications

  • Projects:

  • Projects:

  • Projects:

  • Advanced experience with the most popular flavors of Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS
  • LAMP Administration: Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Installation and Post-installation configurations
  • Users and Groups Administration
  • Modify File Permissions
  • Managing Processes
  • Backups
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Remote Management with SSH



Relevant courses

Content overview

  • NumPy and Pandas
  • Python for Data Visualization:
  • Matplotlib, Seaborn, Pandas Built-in-Data Visualization
  • Plotly and Cufflinks
  • Geographical Plotting
  • Linear Regression
  • Cross Validation and Bias-Variance Trade-Off
  • K Nearest Neighbors
  • Decision Tress and Random Forests
  • Support Vector Machines
  • K Means Clustering
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Recommender Systems
  • Natural Language Processing
  • .

  • AWS Academy - Cloud Foundations

Content overview

  • Introduction to AWS Cloud
  • Essential Characteristics of cloud computing, Service Model, Deployment Models
  • AWS Global Infrastructure: Regions, Availability zones, Edge Locations
  • .

  • AWS foundation services:
  • Compute: EC2, AWS Lambda, ECS, Auto Scaling
  • Networking: VPC, Elastic Load Balancer, Route 53
  • Storage: Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

  • AWS Academy - Cloud Architecting

Content overview

  • Designing a cloud environment
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Configuring VPS, Availability zones, NAT Gateway, Route Table, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling Group.
  • Automating your Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as code
  • AWS CloudFormation Templates
  • .

  • Decoupling your Infrastructure
  • Loose coupling Strategies
  • Designing Web Scale Media
  • Storing Web-Accessible Content with Amazon S3
  • Caching with Amazon CloudFront
  • Storing relational data in Amazon RDS, Managing NoSQL databases
  • Multi-region failover with Amazon Route 53






Content overview

  • Essential tools:
  • Input/output redirection. Grep and Regular Expressions to analyse text
  • Access remote systems using SSH. Configure key-based authentication for SSH. Finding files with Locate and Find
  • Archive and Compress files using tar and gzip. Create hard and soft links
  • Managing Processes: Adjust process priority and kill processes
  • Configure Local Storage:
  • List, Create and Delete partitions on MBR and GPT Disks. Configure systems to mount file systems at Boot
  • Add new partitions, logical volumes and Swap to a System
  • Create and configure File Systems:
  • Create and Mount VFAT, EXT4 and XFS file systems. Mount CIFS and NFS Network File systems
  • Configure network connections statically or dynamically.
  • Schedule tasks using «at» and «cron»
  • Install and update software packages and managing repositories using «yum»
  • Manage users and groups: Create, delete and modify user accounts and groups
  • Configure Firewall settings.

Papers and Publications

  • Adelo Vieira and Crelia Padrón.
  • Analysis of pull up effects through computational seismic data modeling and depth migration, Colombian plains. ↓Download

  • Alejandro Gutiérrez, Evert Durán, Adelo Vieira and Crelia Padrón.
  • Estimation and modelling of reservoirs properties through seismic attributes and geo-statistics in gas fields, southern Spain. SOVG, XIV Venezuelan Geophysics Congress, 2008. ↓Download




Spoken interaction

Spoken production



Mother tongue






















A: Basic user.       B: Independent user.       C: Proficient user.

Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level

Interests and other activities

  • Member of the water polo team at Simón Bolívar University: Attendance at 5 National University Games.
  • Swimming instructor at U.E.U.S.B school.
  • Open-source software.
  • Travel, Volleyball, Open-Water Swimming.